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Kitchen Layout
L-shaped kitchen layout, a natural work triangle is created from continuous counter space and work stations on two adjacent walls.The benefit of this kitchen floor plan is not only provides the cook with an efficient work area,but it typically opens to a nearby room, making it easy for the cook to interact with guests.
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The single-wall kitchen floor plan is ideal for smaller homes.The work triangle in this kitchen layout is less like a triangle and more of a work line with all three kitchen zones along one wall.
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The U-shaped kitchen design is the most versatile layout for kitchens large and small because the layout offers continuous countertops and ample storage, which surround the cook on three sides.
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Bedroom Layout
Walking in clost(WIC,WIR)
Opend type,Walking in Clost for bedroom
Bed furniture
Wooden bed,fabric bed optionals
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Bathroom Layout
Custom made for bath vanity,countertop
Living room Layout
Modern/antique style furniture optionals for living room,including sofa,leisure chair,coffee stand etc.
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Dining room layout
modern/antique style furniture optionals for dining room,including dining chair,dining table,bar stool etc.
laundry room layout
Custom made cabinets for laundry room
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