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Scandinavian mets Japanese style in interior design

Scandinavian mets Japanese style in interior design

March 24,2020

Both Scandinavian style and Japanese in interior design put an emphasis on simplicity, 

while they are not quite similar to each other. 

Scandinavian style is characterized by a focus on functionalism, 

and its abundant use of abstract geometric shapes and bold contrasting. 

Japanese style on the other hand, takes its root from traditional Japanese Zen philosophy, 

and focuses on an organic flow between the interior and exterior of the space. 

Our new design combines philosophy of the two, embracing minimalism with a natural spirit. 

Material: Wood finish panel + handless door panel

Caters to young people with unrestrained and free nature.

We turn hallway into a small functional space, 

and utilizes Japanese style arranges of storage space, to optimize the usage of the space. 

For this design we left out TV cabinets with strong characters, 

and went for a simpler drawers to bring out a sense of smoothess in the space. 

Tatami in the study room is mainly meant for an extra storage space, 

and maximizing the use of space. 

The combination of side kitchen cabinets with vertical wood grill cut offs is elegantly simplistic,

bringing a modern yet natural accent to the design.  

The walls in the kitchen is of  typical neutral white hue in the Scandinavian interior design,

paired with basic white porcelain tiles, creating a modern atmosphere instantly. 

This elegant handless wardrobe design merges perfectly the relatively cold and distant characters of Scandinavian style with cozy warmth of Japanese style,

 making the presentation beautifully harmonious.

-Design notes-

- 01 Color palette that makes the style 

The colorless : White

White is the main color in this series, although the use of it comes natural, it creates an ethereal ambient. 

Whether it be white into full play, or just white in a touch, the classic hue never goes wrong.

Its versatility and modern character makes it the go to choice when it comes to colors in interior design. 

Pops of color: Green

The green hue is frequently seen in Nordic interior designs,

 with wall space being the typical place to see it. 

Soft decors are added to make the space more look more organic. 

The pops of color of the full green wall design with the glorious morning sunlight, 

helps giving people living in the space a refreshing start of the new day. 

- 02 Handless door panels technology 

This model of handless door panels saves the trouble of handle installations on the one hand, 

and perfectly presents minimalist ideology on the other with aesthetically appealing hollowed out design. 

-Panel finishes-

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